Oil Painting Portrait Workshop



August 12-16


Join Artist Michael Aucoin in his studio located in Plymouth, MA and learn his methods of figure and portrait painting. 


This workshop will focus on creating a figure and portrait using oil paint from the first brush strokes to the final mark. 


The course will also cover all tools and techniques used in creating expressive yet accurate renditions.


Working together from a live model will allow artist to have complete control of their own work while learning at their own pace.


Aucoin will discuss his training under Master Artists, his ways of seeing and the basics of  compositional theory and design.


The Class is limited to 12 people.




Cancellation policy: Payment is Non-refundable.  Cancellations will be refunded with full credit for available future workshops. Due to the frequencies of cancellations occurring too closely to the dates of workshops taking place, we only offer future workshop credits for rescheduling on reservations which are cancelled at least 3 weeks prior to the starting date of the workshop.