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ABOUT Michael James

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As a kid, I used to watch my dad meticulously create drafts and survey sketches, instilling in me a profound appreciation for detail and igniting a passion for sketching. Those early experiences laid the foundation for my journey as an artist, fueling my desire to use my creations as a means to spark meaningful conversations.  


With this vision in mind, I made the decision to attend Keene State College, embarking on a journey to become an artist. Throughout my artistic evolution, I don’t put myself in a box as a single-medium artist, opting instead to explore various mediums. Rooted in the traditions of classic fine art, I was dedicated to learning various techniques and was also influenced by mentors and master painters Richard Schmid and Robert Liberace.  


I extended my mission beyond artistic techniques and tapped into community by organizing figure sessions, events, gallery exhibitions and online artist talks. Embracing the digital revolution, I have ventured into the realm of digital art with custom NFT art collections for myself and for online communities.

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"I am committed to sharing my knowledge and redefining traditional art by creating, teaching, and
inspiring others."

Michael James

Artist Statement

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