Michael James

IMG_2222 2.jpg

Michael James has quickly emerged as one to watch in the Figurative Art World. His raw talent and innate understanding of the human essence is beautifully conveyed through his work.


Michael has studied with many Master Artists and continues to work alongside the likes of them. With major influences from Richard Schmid and Robert Liberace he has formed a style mixed with bravado brush work and soft subject matter.


With a strong focus on figurative work and impressionistic marks, Michael’s work begins to take a unique form. Structural yet loose, there’s a rhythmic flow in his anatomical accuracy. The work begins to convey a sense of emotional narration by moving through the marks and colors into the figure’s being. Expressions and movement provoke the viewer into thinking on a deeper conscious level. To engage the viewer to share in this extraordinary world we all share.


The subject matter can be similar, yet each painting tells a very individual tale. One of somber longing and another of freeing mortality. One thing is certain, Michael James’ work is unique for each viewer as they begin to ask questions of themselves and our humanity as so adeptly portrayed through his visions.


Michael currently works and resides in Brooklyn, NY.