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Introducing my first sticker pack, 'Back Where We Started' 


A heartfelt homage to the raw, unrefined moments of creativity that mark the early days of every artist. This fun collection of stickers captures the essence of spontaneous artistry, featuring a design that takes you back to the days of doodling in the margins of lined paper, under the dim light of inspiration. 


From whimsical figures to abstract shapes, these stickers embody the spirit of exploration and the joy of creating with no boundaries where every scribble and sketch held the potential of a budding artist's dream. 


The nostalgic touch of lined paper background adds a unique charm, reminding us of the humble beginnings where passion outweighs perfection. 


'Back to Where We Started' is more than just a sticker pack; it's a celebration of the journey from the first stroke to the masterpiece. 


Perfect for adorning your notebooks, laptops, and spaces, these stickers are a tribute to the artist in all of us, encouraging you to keep dreaming, drawing, and doodling wherever life takes you.

Back Where We Started

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