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Charcoal Arsenal

Charcoal Arsenal

In Progress Live Demo

In Progress Live Demo



In Progress Live Demo

In Progress Live Demo

Full Charcoal Supply List


My Charcoal Supply Kit is simply the tools I have found to be most effective and useful for how I choose to work.  



 ~ General's® "The Original" Charcoal Pencils ~

(HB Hard, 4B Soft, and sometimes a 6B Ex. Soft)


 ~ *** Edge Pro Gear Charcoal Sachet *** ~


 ~ Blending stumps ~


 ~ Vine / Willow Charcoal ~


 ~ Charcoal Brick ~


 ~ Kneaded Eraser ~


 ~ Assorted Brush ~


 ~ Sand paper / pad ~


 ~ Razor Blade ~



Paper - I prefer Strathmore 400 3-play smooth Bristol paper




Arches Watercolor Paper Hot Press 140LB



I use 1/4" Foam Core as a Drawing Support.



For any questions please email :



Cancellation policy: Payment is Non-refundable.  Cancellations will be refunded with full credit for available future workshops. Due to the frequencies of cancellations occurring too closely to the dates of workshops taking place, we only offer future workshop credits for rescheduling on reservations which are cancelled at least 3 weeks prior to the starting date of the workshop. 



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